Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dear Senior Class of 2006,
Remember me? I'm that girl you elected last year as your Senior Class President. Well, we may not be at Tulane right now, but I'm still at your service.
We are all in very different places right now. Some of us are working for the semester, some of us are abroad, and others enrolled at another school for now. Where ever you ended up, remember, you're still a Newcomb girl.
Sometimes it may be hard. Sometimes you may get really, really frustrated. Trust me, we're all there together. That annoying old saying: what does not kill you, only makes you stronger, SO applies right now. We will rise out of this.
No matter where you are, chances are, you're feeling out of place. I have to admit, I feel it too. Let's face it, we're seniors at schools we aren't going to graduate from in May. Everyone are your respective school or job already has a group of friends. But just take it as a challenge. Look at each brush-off or kind, but not really friendly smile as a chance to prove how amazing you really are.
Newcomb College women are amazing. We are smart as hell, we are strong (we lived through this didn't we), we are determined, we are kind and we are headed for an amazing future. Every single Newcomb woman has something to offer. You can offer it to your host school too. Yes, we all miss Tulane. Yes, we are all ready to go back. But just think of what it will do for Newcomb and for you if we all make an effort to make an impression. If we go out of our way to volunteer on campus, write for the paper, attend lectures, do well in our classes, we will show everyone just how smart and strong we really are.
Don't be the wilting daisy in the corner! Get out there, get some sun, and make an impression!
Yet, there is a bit of sunshine after Katrina: We'll be back at Tulane in just 84 short days! That's right. I hope y'all are counting down! We will go back to New Orleans with open arms. We will go back to a city that has very much seen the worst, but has come to realize, in the end, that it is stronger than ever before. So keep the faith in the good ol' green wave. She lives on.

Now for some housekeeping issues:
  1. We are still going to have the Senior Class Meeting. Now more than ever, I need your input. What do you want us to talk about? What is important to you now? Other than the typical advisors, do you want anyone else to speak at the meeting? Drop me a comment or an email and let me know what's goin' on in your head.
  2. This will be a year like no other to speak about at graduation. That's right, we will get to have a graduation ceremony, and a Senior Class Speaker. If you think you've got something to say about the crazy year we've had, start writing it down now! We will be conducting interviews and auditions for the Speaker not long after we all go back. (As if you won't have enough to worry about during our last semester at Tulane.)
  3. If you are interested in helping choose a Senior Class Speaker, drop me an email. I need to know how many people are interested. We'll be putting together a panel not long after the semester starts.
  4. If you have any other ideas about things we can do for our senior year, let me know. This is going to be a semester we'll never forget. How can we make it a positive experiencce for you? What do you want to see happen?
  5. Last, but not least, there is still the issue of the Senior Class Gift. We have money saved up from the last three years. Hopefully, we'll work in a few fundraisers as well. Should the gift be a gift to Newcomb College? What about the greater New Orleans community? Email or post some ideas and we'll get talking about what's possible.

That's all for now. Let everyone know about this site. Let me know if you have any you want to like to it. And if you have any thing else you want to talk about, just drop me an email: owatkins@tulane.edu.

Yours truly from Duke U.